The mission, vision and corporate values are the guidelines that define the direction we wish to maintain and project for the permanence and evolution of our organization. Therefore, we define our reason for being through a series of criteria and premises that identify our organization in Colombia and the places we operate in.

In Colombia and our agencies in Miami and New York

  • To be a leading bank in Colombia in the corporate and individual market and the social-official sector.
  • A bank that is always at the forefront in order to offer our customers quick solutiones that allow them a pleasant banking experience
  • The best support for the growth and progress of its customers because it values them and is willing and available to advise them, while providing a prompt,timely, friendly and quality service.
  • A bank that achieves leadership objectives in terms of efficiency profitability, earnings and the value generation shareholders expect.
  • A Bank with a team of talented employees who work with ingenuity,dedication,efficiency,expediency,commitment and loyalty,always working towards achieving goals, who are motivated by the pride of belonging to an institution that brings them wellbeing and growth.
  • The Bank, by example and support, proves its commitment to develop and take ownership of its values, generating growth, harmony and benefits to the comunity.

In Our Affiliate of Panama

  • Provide high-quality financial services that contribute to the growth and wellbeing of their community, customers and employees, generating value for their shareholders.